Compact Line Arabic Bread

It is a fully automatic compact line for producing the Arabic Lebanese Bread. Compact line is the latest and smallest invention of Bimatic Company to produce the Lebanese / Pita Bread. It is economical and does not require a large space. As for its productive capacity, it varies between 500 to 600 loafs per hour, with a diameter of 15 cm and between 900 to 1100 loafs with a diameter of 38 cm. This line is adopted for minimarkets, small restaurants and small bakeries. Space needed for line installation varies from 30-70 m².

        Line Compact 3 Stainless Steel xx

Compact Line Arabic Bread Composed of:

Compact Dough Divider
Dough Divider is designed to divide the dough into equal dough balls shape.
Compact Primary Proofer
Designed to provide the primary fermentation process to the dough balls.
Compact Dough Flattener
It is designed to transform the fermented dough balls into oval flat chips
Compact Final Proofer
Designed to provide the secondary fermentation process to the flattened dough plates
Compact Tunnel Oven
Designed after extensive studies and researches and experiments with several try outs
Compact Cooling Conveyor
Designed to cool down and transport the baked loaves coming out from baking.



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