Snack Equipment

Snack Equipment

Snack Equipment Composed of:

Bain Marie
Used to keep and heat the food up. It is designed with novel style, reasonable structure, easy operation
Candy floss machine operates via gas or electricity, available as table top model or trolley type model due to demand.
Cold Display Case
Used to display cakes, sweets, fruits, meats, Lebneh and Cheese, or soft drinks due to demand.
Digital Balance
Used to weigh from 5 grams up to 30 grams. It is found in various models due to demand.
Falafel Machines
Machines are invented such as Falafel Maker and Falafel Fryer which became late one automatic machine to facilitate the process.
Homos Machine
Used to chop the homos balls. It is made from stainless steel. Its tank capacity varies due to demand.
Used to keep the juice cooled, fresh, ready for dispensing. They are found as various models such as : 1, 2 , or 3 nozzles due to demand.
Meat Slicer & Mincer
Meat Slicers are used in supermarkets and hypermarkets to slice down cheese or meat such as beef. They are found as 25 or 30 cm slicers.
Pop Corn
Used to pop the corn seeds and change it to pop corn . It is made of aluminum alloy and toughened glass.
Used for making dough for bread which is known as SAJ. The device is made up of stainless steel and everything that in touch with food is compatible with food grade.
Saj Tannour
Used to make the tannour bread by sticking the bread on its sides. It is like a barrel shape that functions via gas.
Shelves and Tables
Shelves , closets, working tables, and sinks are found with various dimensions due to demand.
Industrial Ovens
Used in big kitchens and hotels. It operates via gas. It can be a doubled or quadrupled eye type.
Ice Cream Machine
Nothing is important than an Ice Cream and Eastern Sundae in a hot sunny day of summer.
Vegetable Cutter
Used to slice and chop the vegetable and cheese into small pieces. It is equipped with 7 cutting discs.

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